CMS Visual Arts

CMS Visual Arts Teacher

Central Middle School's Visual Arts program is based on the Georgia Standards for Visual Arts. Students are expected to complete, both collaboratively and individually, hands-on projects incorporating various media and techniques.  Students are also encouraged to practice critical thinking skills, be creative, and express themselves while in class. The fundamentals of Art are practiced and feature The Elements of Art (line, shape, space, form, texture, value, color) and the Principles of Design (balance, pattern, unity, emphasis, contrast, movement, rhythm).  Students are exposed to and work in a variety of media that may include drawing, painting, sculpture, design, technology, fiber arts, and art history.


During the school year, students have the opportunity to have their artwork  featured at the Cultural Arts Center during The Arts Festival of Carrollton which is held each year on the second weekend in October, and the Annual Central Middle School Art Show in the Spring.  


To inquire about the art program, please contact art teacher, Danette Ghodke.

CMS Art Display